Monday, December 22, 2008

woooo hoooooo

Way to go Skins!!!!! They beat the Eagles last night 10-3, couldn't ask for a better ending to a game. I didn't go to this game, Ashleigh went with Rusty and judging from how cold they still were when they got home last night I was perfectly happy to watch the game from my couch. They were bundled up and had taken 2 blankets with them but you just can't keep that wind out. Ashleigh took a bunch of pictures which I will try to post this evening, I am really behind on blogging but I will try to catch up.
Oh by the way, sorry Anniesue, did you watch the game?
Have a great day!!!!


Anniesue said...

Okay....congratulations! It's good that someone is happy. We didn't catch the game, but it's just as well. My dad has a sister who lives near DC and they have an arrangement that if the Skins win, my dad has to call her and vice versa. I guess he placed his call last night. Have a great day!

Bridget said...

Well, we were celebrating that they won, but they will be in the same place we are on Super Bowl Sunday....sitting at home watching the game. Stupid Redskins!!