Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm not going to try to recap everything that has gone on since the last time I blogged but we've had birthdays, BIG BIRTHDAYS (we both turned 40 in December), holidays and Ashleigh was home for Christmas. We had a wonderful visit with her, we celebrated our birthdays a couple different times and had a wonderful holiday, what more can you ask for? My parents came up the day after Christmas to celebrate the holidays and Steven and Denise headed to Florida to celebrate with her family. Rusty got me a new camera for Christmas and I am in love. Well, I fell in love with it after I gave myself a migraine and finally called Canon in tears because I thought there was something wrong with it. Welllll, it was user error. damn camera. It's a Canon EOS rebel xs and I still only know about 10% of what it can do. I love playing with it though. Of course, I do have pictures. They won't really be in order but you'll get the drift.

Blake and I make and decorate gingerbreadmen every year. It's gotten where Blake does most of the work and I just supervise, he loves to cook.

This was the sunrise from our back deck and then the next picture is the snow that moved in later that day. I did not take the picture in black and white, it really was that color outside.

A while ago my Mom asked Steven and me if there was anything that we would like to have, something that was special to us. I think this came from her going through my Mawmaw's things. There were so many things she found that you know she had made for people and never gave them to them. Things she had packed away and probably forgotten she even had. It has really been kind of sad. We were supposed to pick 2 things each. The first thing I said I wanted was my Mom's original engagement ring and wedding band. Steven said he wanted a picture of my Mom when she was in 3rd grade. It is a beautiful picture, I was mad I hadn't thought of that first. lol Anyway, the next thing I wanted was my Mom's icebox. When we lived in Tennessee, when I was little, my Mom wanted an icebox. A friend of my Dad's said they had one out in the corn crib that had been his Grandmother's and my Dad could have it, if he wanted it. Well, yeah of course he did. It was whitewashed and needed alot of work. My Dad is very crafty and can anything so he went to work on it. It is absolutely beautiful. Now, I wasn't supposed to get this for a longggggggggg time, a time I really don't even want to think about. Before Thanksgiving Mom called me and asked me if I wanted it now, she wanted me to have it now so she could see me enjoy it. She said when people pass away they leave things to family and friends and never get to have the pleasure of seeing them enjoy it, so they brought it to me for Christmas. If I hadn't gotten anything else I couldn't have been any happier. It had the original shelves, the drain pipe and the metal plate on the front. There is also a metal plate on the back, it is over 100 years old. That is my Mawmaw's blender and rolling pin sitting on it and the scale that I "borrowed" from my Mom.

Well, I am headed to bed, I think I have rambled enough. It was kind of all over the place tonight but I've been away for so long you will have to bear with me while I get my bearing again and get back to blogging regularly. Stupid facebook.


Anniesue said...

Welcome back! Your pictures were great! The ice box is so neat, and I love the story that goes with it!

Anonymous said...

The icebox looks really good in the pic. I love Blakes gingerbread man! and the fact that it depicts his football character. I love you (my favorite daughter) Mom

melissa said...

Welcome back to blog-world. That whole Facebook thing.....gah! Have fun with your camera, I need a new camera SO badly.